Further to the content presented during this module, three points seem to be very important to be kept in mind.

First of all, the teachers should be aware of their own hidden gender biases and reflect on them by an inner analysis. Secondly, they should understand how much these biases can affect the students’ motivation and further life choices. Finally, they should get informed about the many simple strategies that they can introduce through their teaching in order to manage, although it is not an easy process, to become an effective teacher by showing gender-neutral attitudes.

It is important that they perfectly understand that they have a crucial role in changing minds and thus deconstructing stereotypes. It is, without a doubt, a big job!

For this reason, training teachers on gender discrimination-related issues is important.

“A teacher training course can definitely make the aspiring teachers more confident, mature and effective in carrying out their tasks in the classroom” (Sutradhar, 2021). 

By concluding this course, you have taken the first step! Congratulations!

You are now given the floor to take action in your classroom activities.