Unit 1 Module introduction / Understanding our own unconscious biases

Let’s start by taking a test – nothing to worry about – you need to be honest though. Harvard Implicit Association Test

More details about the IAT test:

You can choose among a variety of test categories such as: Race, Religion, Skin Tone, Arab-Muslim, Native American, Transgender, Gender-career, Disability, Asian-American, Presidents, Weight, Gender-Science, Weapons, Sexuality, and Age. You will then go through a series of tasks where you will be asked to sort words into categories by pressing keys on your keyboard. The most relevant tests for this module are the Gender-Career and the Gender-Science ones.

After you finish your test, take some time to reflect on the results.

In the submodules below you will discover what stereotypes are and why we formulate them. You will find information about concepts that are the building blocks for stereotypical thinking and you will be able to find resources for further reading. You will also consider issues around gender socialisation, the impact of gender stereotypes for girls and women and how schools can either reinforce or challenge these stereotypes.  There are videos to help with some general concepts and theories, and at the end of each module you can find consolidation questions to help with your learning. Finally, you will find some tools that can help you in the classroom so you can become a gender detective yourself along with your team and students!