Unit 8 Tools for Teachers – Promoting equality, awareness and gender reflections in the classroom

Tools for Teachers

This toolkit for teachers contains an extensive review on gender in education and topics relating to the subject. As well as theory, this publication contains many different activities to use, including lesson plans, and assessment tools and tips to empower teachers to challenge gender stereotypes in the classroom.

(GRP4ECE toolkit: teachers challenge gender stereotypes, 2019)

This toolkit contains practical examples for promoting gender equality in primary schools. It contains a number of activities in a wide range of curricular areas which can be adapted by teachers for use in their own classrooms.

This Open Educational Resource pdf contains 4 classroom activities to raise awareness amongst students of gender stereotypes (Open Learn Create, 2018)

Tools for Teachers (continued) - General ideas for tools

Critical analysis tools to promote equality, awareness, and gender reflections:

  • Storyboarding
  • Story re-writing
  • Dramatic re-writing and acting out (reimagining the work and lives of heroes and heroines)
  • Advert analysis (TV, promotional materials, comics, magazines)

Scavenger hunt: Curating a collection of inclusive books, posters, toys, games etc..

Models for reflection:

  • Observations sheets/ checklists
  • Co-coaching tips for peer support (improving practice perspective)
  • Walk the halls- in situ observation and experiencing the culture of other schools and producing mini reports evaluating against domains
  • Digital technology- sharing best practice through online groups, book groups, article groups, practice groups


Pink and Blue: Communicating Gender to Children | Anthony Schullo | TEDxNorthCentralCollege