Topic 2 Legislative framework and existing policies

The universal need for teachers creates the need of an organized and detailed legislation and  policy framework about them. The conditions, the qualifications, the rights, and the duties of teachers are protected by both the ILO-UNESCO Recommendation of the Status of Teachers (1966), and the UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel (1997).

The first is responsible for setting up the standards for teacher’s initial preparation and further education but also their recruitment, employment, and teaching conditions. This framework covers the rights for teachers of all grades, from pre-primary through secondary level, and in all institutions.

The second framework came to cover the rights of all teaching personnel in higher education too.

The UNESCO Recommendation of the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel also includes personnel duties to ensure the autonomy and liability of the institute, and according to those, the teaching personnel has the obligation to respect the rights of all other members of the academic community.