Topic 5 Conclusion

Gender is undeniably an important categorising and organising factor for school, as it comes to teachers and students.

Even though there is a bright minority of teachers that tries to challenge gender bias and sexism, these concepts are unfortunately normalised in schools.

Therefore, increased efforts need to be made, to ensure that there is a deconstruction of gender stereotypes in school.

Teachers should…

  • understand that they have gender stereotypes and biases to recognise that they fall into the sexism trap when it comes to their students and understand how their biases influence their expectations and the treatment of them.
  • work in many ways in order to achieve gender equity and elimination of sexism.
  • be informed about the gender spectrum and adopt a queer view over education.

Kids need a school where they are accepted and can express themselves and teachers that can actually help them evolve as persons in many levels. For this to be done, teachers should be the ones who evolve first and abandon what hold them into a narrow-limited view of the society.